No matter how organised anyone is, there never seems to be enough time! Many of us work or have studies… and on top of that, some have children to look after and other appointments to attend to! Hartwell Dentistry understands this, and we value your time. 

We appreciate the fact that you have taken time out of your busy schedule to see us. For this reason, we have introduced the concept of ‘SAVING TIME MELBOURNE’ to our practice. So when you have an appointment time with us, we do our very best to make the most of it! Not only that, but we strive to go above and beyond this expectation to ensure that the time that we have with you is used effectively.

Besides our commitment to ensuring your appointment is on schedule, there are many ways we show our dedication to your time:

  • Two hygienists and two dentists for the convenience of your family: there are two dentists and/or two hygienists on-site on certain days so that several members of your family can be seen at the one time.
  • On-site digital imaging technology: we have on-site digital imaging x-rays to save you time in getting these images taken elsewhere.
  • Letting you know: rarely and unfortunately, we may run a little late. If we do, we let you know as soon as possible, so that you can use that time to do something else rather than wait!
  • Grouping your routine dental examination and hygiene appointment together: you can see the dental hygienist for a thorough clean and the dentist for a routine examination in one appointment.

Lastly, the advanced technology of the CEREC machine allows for crowns to be done in one appointment, rather than two. Hartwell Dentistry has an on-site lab which is able to fabricate the crowns while you wait!

Traditional crowns are often made in two appointments:

  • The first appointment: the tooth is numbed, prepared and impressions (a “mould”) of the teeth are taken. A temporary crown is then placed. The impression is sent to a lab outside of the practice for the crown to be made. Often, this can take up to two weeks.
  • Visit two: up to two weeks later, you have the temporary crown replaced with the crown. When the crown is placed in this second appointment, you will need to be numbed again.

The advantage of having the on-site lab with the CEREC machine is that the tooth is prepared and the custom-made crown is placed on your tooth – all in one appointment! This saves you from returning for an extra visit, being numbed twice, and most importantly… saving you time


One cerec crown can take up to 90 minutes for an appointment. The tooth is prepared and using 3D imaging technology, we scan the tooth so that the CEREC machine is able to make the crown to specifically fit your tooth. There is no need for a temporary crown, which can often break down or be uncomfortable to chew on.


So whether it is work, study, children or anything else, be sure that Hartwell Dentistry values your time.