Braces and Orthodontic Treatments


The Myobrace System is a no-braces approach to straightening your teeth and jaws.

Treatment uses myofunctional orthodontic techniques to address the oral habits (known as myofunctional habits) that are the real, underlying causes of crooked teeth and uses light, intermittent forces to align the teeth. This is done through the use of a series of removable dental appliances that are worn for just 1-2 hours each day and overnight while sleeping.

Daily use of the Myobrace combined with regular activities (to improve breathing, muscle function and tongue posture) results in straighter teeth and improved function, leading to optimal facial development and a healthier smile.



Benefits of Myobrace

  • Straightens teeth
  • Remove bad influences on dental and facial development.
  • Improved muscular habits may lead to better facial development in children.
  • Improved posture
  • Fewer allergies
  • Fewer problems with the teeth, mouth and jaw joints (TMJ).