Gentle Dental Care for Your Comfort

Hartwell Dentistry offers some of the most advanced dental technology, along with a highly progressive and caring approach to give you gentle dental care

Dentistry and dental technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last decade, and we’re proud to report that we’ve advanced along with it. Technological innovations help you experience gentle dental care and your visit will be as comfortable as possible.

Why do patients choose us?

We are owner-operated and one of the few dentists in Camberwell (possibly in all of Melbourne) with a dedicated oral health coordinator.

Caring Dental Team

At Hartwell Dentistry, we don’t just talk about gentle dental care and outstanding customer service – we deliver it daily! Take a look at each tab to the right to see how it all comes together to make sure you get the best care possible.

A dedicated patient coordinator – assurance, personalised, gentle dental care and attention. You can rest assured that you have a designated point of contact that, along with our dentists and hygienists, can help answer any questions or concerns and really enjoy having to visit the dentist.

Our dedicated oral health coordinator ensures that you receive a personalized, streamlined experience. This happens because the oral health coordinator communicates with the dentists and oral health therapist prior to your visit, ensuring that everyone is 100% briefed and prepared for your consultation and treatment. Read about the Oral Health Department


Gentle Care with Continuing Education

Continuing education to ensure the highest quality, progressive, gentle dental care. We are perhaps the only dentists in Camberwell who visit the United States every six months to learn about the latest dental techniques. Importantly, we absorb the cost of our extensive training in order to keep our services accessible to everyone.


Onsite Lab

Australian-made dental restorations are created onsite under strict quality control conditions in our internal lab.

This ensures that they’re made in a timely manner by our experts, under strict quality control conditions. For any outsourced lab items, these are given to our Australian-based laboratory.

Cutting-edge technology

Cutting-edge Technology provides dental treatment with minimal discomfort. Your treatment is done with little or no discomfort. We use advanced dental technological innovations such as The Wand, Intraoral cameras, CEREC 3D and more.

Gentle dental technology - CEREC

Gentle dental technology – CEREC

Unique ceramic tooth restorations in just one visit. Cerec 3D is a sophisticated CAD/CAM system, (computer aided design/ computer aided manufacture) that produces high-quality ceramic tooth restorations in just one visit.


The Wand

Revolutionising the numbing technique.
The Wand is a small pen-like, computer-controlled dental injection that provides greater comfort. It numbs faster, and is perfect for those who are afraid of needles.

Hartwell-Dentistry diagnodent technology

Diagnodent finds cavities and decay.

Diagnodent finds cavities and decay before they develop.
Diagnodent is a painless laser light probe that aids in the early diagnosis of dental decay without the need to use x-rays. Early detection of decays helps prevent serious dental problems before they develop.

Hartweel dentistry intraoral Camera

Intraoral Camera

Magnified images for confident choices and accurate diagnosis. The Intraoral Camera is a camera that allows us to see previously unseen ‘nooks and crannies’. We can magnify the images on to a screen so that you can see what is happening in your mouth, allowing you to make informed choices.

Digital Radiographic Machines

Digital Radiographic Machine

For a comprehensive and clear diagnosis digital radiographic machines are conveniently located onsite, at Hartwell Dentistry. These machines use less radiation than older tradition ones with films. They provide instant results and provide a comprehensive panoramic 2D X-ray of your mouth, sinus and jaw joints.

Rotary Endodontic System

Rotary Endodontic System

For accuracy and safety. A handpiece used with titanium files that significantly increases accuracy and safety over traditional method of “manual filing” when conducting root canal work.

Innovative technology

Our technology also encompasses the highest infection control standards. We have an internal onsite laboratory where we do our own quality control.


Vaporise bacteria

Laser Soft Tissue Gum Treatment. Vaporises bacteria with minimal bleeding and swelling. The Soft Tissue Dental Laser is a pen-like device that reaches bacteria in deeper pockets, vaporising them, along with any diseased gum tissue.



Electric Handpiece

Increasing your overall comfort, the electric hand piece has more precision and less noise. The whiny-sounding ‘drills’ that most dentists use are acceptable for many procedures, but they don’t rotate with perfect smoothness. For this reason, we use the Electric Handpiece, which is more precise, with less noise and grinding sensation.


Waste Water System

Safe removal of hazardous waste helps us protect you as effectively as possible. Our waste water system removes hazardous waste before safely recycling.



Safe removal of metal fillings

There is an option to help you smile confidently. We use the most advanced equipment and the safest protocol when removing metal fillings, in order to minimise your exposure to mercury. Read about Tooth Coloured Fillings

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