Full, Partial & Implant Supported Dentures


What are Dentures?


A normal denture sits on your gums and is held in place by the structure of your jaw and the suction that the denture has with your jaw. Because suction is important in the stabilisation of a normal denture, the denture needs to be larger to create more suction.

Partial Dentures

partial denturesIf you are missing just a few teeth, then a partial denture may be what you need. A partial denture, otherwise known as a bridge, fills the gap left by several missing teeth in a row or intermittent slots. These dentures are versatile and are custom made for your exact needs.

A partial denture is constructed of a pink acrylic base set with life-like artificial teeth. They come in two modes for attachment; removable or permanent.

Implant Supported Dentures

Implant-retained-denture-dentist-cambwellAn implant supported denture is a type of denture, which is held stable by implants in your mouth. Implant supported dentures provide additional stabilisation of the denture.

The denture has clips or attachments that snap onto the attachments on the implants. Implant supported dentures are used when a person does not have teeth in an entire jaw, but has enough bone to hold the implants.

What are the Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures?

Added Stabilisation

Implant supported dentures do not rely on suction to stabilise the denture, as the denture is held firm when it is clicked into the implants. This means that the denture does not need to be as bulky, and you can eat/talk with the confidence that the denture will stay in place.

Function and Aesthetics

Improved speaking, eating, chewing and aesthetics. You will be able to speak and eat with confidence knowing that the denture will not slip or fall out. They are not as bulky as normal dentures and the dentures are held firm by implants. The dentures will not slip and slide as you eat – allowing you to enjoy your food comfortably and improve your quality of life.

Decreased Bone Resorbtion

When the jaw no longer has teeth in it, the bone in the jaw starts to break down. This means that a normal denture constantly needs to be changed and refitted as the jaw changes. With implant supported dentures, the implants in the jaw prevent the bone from undergoing resorbtion and the dentures do not require as much repair and refitting as normal dentures.

Ease of Hygiene

Implant retained denture can be taken out of your mouth to be easily cleaned and maintained by you. Unlike implant supported bridges that are permanently attached onto the implants and are harder to clean as there are many gaps and spaces that can be difficult for you to access.