Tooth Coloured Fillings in Camberwell

Get a natural look, and a beautiful smile

We have special training and attended many courses, seminars and master classes in Australia and overseas in Tooth coloured fillings. We are pleased to be able to provide you with the most up-to-date approaches and technology at Hartwell Dentistry.


The benefits of Tooth Coloured Fillings:

  • No Mercury means no shrinkage or expansion. Our composite resin tooth filling materials contains acrylic and glass particles, not mercury. Because of this, the fillings do not usually shrink and expand with temperature changes.
  • Blends in beautifully. The filling material is the same colour as your natural tooth so it blends in beautifully. No grey pot holes in your mouth anymore!
  • Immediate use. You can have a meal as soon as the numbness wears off. With tooth coloured fillings we use a material that is already hard when you leave our dental clinic.
  • Your tooth’s structure is retained. We ensure that less tooth structure is lost because we can make smaller preparation, thus preserving the strength of the tooth.
  • Protects the nerve from sensitivity and reduces the risk of root canal therapy. The resin and bond we use with tooth coloured fillings provides an insulating effect on the tooth, protecting the nerve from sensitivity. This reduces the risk for root canal therapy.
  • Reduced wear rate. Tooth Coloured fillings have the same wear rate as a natural tooth, so there’s no need for premature replacement.

Ceramic CEREC: Just like natural teeth

With a choice of resin or porcelain, modern tooth coloured fillings are similar in strength, wear and appearance to your natural teeth. In fact we use Ceramic CEREC restorations, which are the hardest and most natural looking material available today.

CEREC restorations are used for crowns, veneers and large fillings, and can be provided in one visit using CAD-CAM technology, rather than multiple visits. Now, you can have your smile in one day rather than waiting three weeks! You can read more about our safe removal of amalgam fillings at our informative blog!