Gum Treatment

Are you avoiding drinking cold water? Do you shy away from eating ice cream or other cold food? Does the length of your teeth concern you and make you feel conscious when you smile?

You could be suffering from gum recession. Gum recession is when the roots of teeth are exposed due to loss of gum tissue and supporting bone. When this happens, sensitivity can occur and teeth can look unsightly longer. Causes can include gum disease, grinding and aggressive tooth brushing.

The solution to this problem will depend on the severity of the recession. New dental hygiene regime, occlusal guard or gum grafting maybe required.

What is Gum Grafting?

Gum grafting is a term that describes the process of simply replacing or adding back gingival tissue (gum).

Gum grafting is the only long-term solution to recession. It is a predictable procedure, which with ongoing maintenance and care produces long lasting success.

Benefits of grafting

  • Reduce sensitivity
  • Protect root surfaces from decay
  • Even gum line giving you the benefit of smiling and speaking without self-consciousness over the appearance of longer teeth.


gum before treatment
gum before treatment


gum after treatment
gum after treatment

dr-dana-horng at Hartwell Dentist Camberwell

At Hartwell Dentistry, Dr Horng has undergone hands on clinical instruction from two world-renowned experts in two different techniques. She is trained in the techniques to allow gum to “grow” back to the original form.

The methods Dr Horng applies are far more comfortable than the old traditional gum graft where the graft was removed from the palate of the patient’s mouth, resulting in two surgical sites to heal. These new treatment options of grafting minimise discomfort and improve the overall appearance and outcome.