Jaw and Muscle Pain

Teeth Wear and Bite Problems

  • Do you have any problems with your jaw joint? Such as pain, sounds, limited opening, locking or popping?
  • Do you feel like your lower jaw is being pushed back when you bite together?
  • Do you avoid or have difficulty chewing apples, baguettes, hard or dry foods?
  • Have your teeth become shorter, thinner or worn?
  • Do you feel you have more than one bite or squeeze or shift to make your teeth come together?
  • Are you aware of clenching during the daytime?
  • Do you experience any sleep issues, wake up with a headache or awareness of your teeth?

These and other signs or symptoms can indicate an issue with your jaw joint, muscles or bite. The causes can be complex and require detailed examination to diagnose correctly. Treatment choices will vary depending on the accurate diagnosis of the condition.

Hartwell Dentistry can help!

Here at Hartwell Dentistry, Dr Fleming and Dr Horng have undergone extensive study and training both in Australia and the USA to be able to help their patients who may be suffering from TMD [Temporomandibular Dysfunction] or severe tooth wear.