Do you want straight teeth? Not interested in braces? Well this week with Hartwell Dentistry we will be discussing Inman. An orthodontic plate that can straighten your teeth in 3 months.

Are you happy with your smile? Or is there something about your smile that you wish you could change?

What is an Inman Aligner? 

INMAN aligner is an orthodontic plate that allows correction of your front 4 teeth (top or bottom or both). This appliance is perfect for crowding or rotated teeth. Most cases are completed in just 9 – 12 weeks, making this a fast acting appliance. The appliance is to be ideally worn at all times, except when eating. For optimum results it is best to be worn at least 20 hours per day. Since the appliance is removal, you can pick and choose important work meetings or events to not wear the plate too. Although the more you wear this appliance, the faster the results! There is only one appliance needed to complete the treatment.

Is any treatment required on my teeth? 

Interproximal narrowing is required at your initial appointment to make space for your teeth to move. This is done via polishing the enamel in between your teeth, this is routinely done with many orthodontic treatments For this to occur there is no need for local anesthetics and can be done promptly on the day you receive your Inman.

Reviews every 2 weeks with Dr. Dana Horng are required to see how the teeth are moving and to ensure that the teeth are being guided into an ideal position.

This device can affect speech just like any other traditional orthodontic appliance. The more you wear this plate the better your speech will become.

What are the benefits of Inman? 

The benefits for straightening teeth aside for cosmetic reasons also include long term health for your teeth. Crowded teeth can cause uneven wear over time which can cause dentine to be exposed causing sensitivity and allowing staining. Correctly aligned teeth are also easier to clean.

An Inman assessment is needed to see if you are eligible for this type of orthodontic alignment, as not everyone with crowding can go ahead with this treatment.

After your quick and easy alignment with Inman your teeth are kept in this position via a retainer. This retainer can also be used as a whitening tray for future use of keeping your smile white and bright! For any further questions please contact Hartwell Dentistry on 9889 3245.