Did you know that we can now test the bacteria in your mouth?

We all have billions of bacteria present in our mouth, some good, some bad. The right balance of bacteria is essential to our overall health and well being.

However the bacteria that cause gum infection leading to bleeding [inflammation] and bone destruction also impact negatively on our overall health. This is something we take very seriously at the Oral Health Department at Hartwell Dentistry.

Research has proven that infection and inflammation associated with periodontal disease is directly linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other major health issues. In fact at this very moment over 50 systemic diseases are being researched to ascertain their relationship with periodontal disease. Sometimes the first sign that something is wrong can be seen in the mouth.

Advances in science now allow us to identify the most damaging bacteria in our mouths, which cause systemic health problems. A simple swab test will not only identify if you carry these specific bad bacteria but also at what levels.

This then allows us at Hartwell Dentistry to better target your infection with various treatment options to suppress or even eradicate these disease-causing bacteria. Instead of using a generic one size fits all treatment program we can use the latest science to helps us customize your care to your specific needs.

Your dentist and oral health therapist will work out a personalized treatment program to best help you back to health.