Today in Hartwell Dentistry’s blog, we will be looking at the importance of good oral health, especially during pregnancy.

Pregnancy and oral health.

Pregnancy is an important period of time for both the mother’s and baby’s health. You’ll want to think about taking good care of yourself and getting your baby’s life off to a healthy start.

For a long time we’ve known that risk factors such as smoking, alcohol use, and drug use contribute to mothers having babies that are born prematurely at a low birth weight.

Studies have suggested the possibility of an additional risk factor; periodontal disease. (Gum disease, gum infection) Researchers have shown that pregnant women who have periodontal disease may be more likely to have a baby that is born prematurely or with low birth weight. More research is needed to confirm how periodontal disease actually affects pregnancy outcomes.

All infections are causes for concern among pregnant women because they pose a risk to the health of the baby. Hence, it is a world-wide consensus that women considering pregnancy have a periodontal evaluation.

An important part of you overall health is your oral health. Good oral health habits not only help prevent oral problems during pregnancy, but may also affect the health of your unborn child.

 What is good oral health?

Stay tuned for part 2 which will include the following:

Good diet, good gum health, regular dental visits in relation to pregnancy.