Are you self conscious of your smile?

Have you noticed that you show a lot of gum when you smile or that some teeth look shorter than their counterpart, that you gum line is uneven?

You are probably thinking, “ Well yeah, this sounds like me, but nothing can be done!”

Good news, there is a solution. You may be a fantastic candidate for a gum lift.

What is a gum lift?

A gum lift or crown lengthening or gingivectomy, is a cosmetic dental procedure which improves the appearance of your smile by contouring the gum line of your teeth to show off more tooth structure

The aim of a gum lift is to recontour excessive or uneven gum tissue surrounding your teeth so your gums are symmetrical and in proportion to your smile, rather than having a ‘gummy smile’.

What does a gum lift involve?

The procedure is relatively simple. Planning appointments are required to measure your current tooth length and discuss your ideal tooth length that we are aiming for.

The treatment itself can be completed in one appointment. The results are immediate.

Following the treatment, there are few post-operative rules to follow, however the good news is, you can eat and drink normally just 24 hours after your surgery. Your gums will only take a few weeks to heal completely.

What is under my gum?

Under your gum is more tooth structure. Depending on the individual your gums may be hiding a beautiful looking tooth. We just help you to discover it.

However, in some cases,  gum lift exposes the dentine (softer part of your tooth). The dentine is vulnerable and if not protected properly it is at a high risk of developing erosion or decay. It also doesn’t look good aesthetically as it has more of a yellow appearance. This is why most gum lift procedures are done in conjunction with veneers or crowns.  


Gum lift only, no veneers or crowns present.


How can Hartwell Dentistry help?

Dr Dana Horng has already helped many of our patients improve their smile using this procedure. She has completed further study in an array of different gum procedures and is very passionate about this aspect of dentistry.

Dr Matthew Fleming has a strong interest in restorative dentistry, aesthetics/cosmetic dentistry and works closely with Dr Horng to restore patient’s smile following a gum lift.