When people think of root canal treatment, they are often scared and worried about the treatment ahead of them.

Our patients at Hartwell Dentistry are surprised to find out how painless the procedure can be.

Before any treatment is started we use local anaesthetic to numb the area using The Wand.

And now with advances in technology root canal treatment is now a safer, quicker and more predictable option for our patients.

Most root canal treatment can be completed in one to two visits. Depending on which tooth requires treatment, teeth that have had root canal treatment usually require a crown to be placed on top.  This can be completed at the second visit of the root canal treatment, using our cerec tachnology, again making the treatment a quicker and safer way of saving your teeth.

We aim to make every experience at Hartwell Dentistry as pain free and comfortable as possible for all of our patients.

Please join us again next time to learn more about our cerec technology.