With our aging community, chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus and heart disease are becoming more prevalent. As the occurrences of such debilitating diseases are on the rise, Hartwell Dentistry places the highest importance in the awareness and prevention of these health issues. 

Hartwell Dentistry recognizes the importance of Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in tackling the arising issue of diabetes and heart disease. We feel the need to increase the awareness of how severe heart disease and diabetes is to the entire human body. Our concern is of general health and how it is manifested in the mouth. We strive to plan on increasing the local community’s awareness of these diseases.

To support the important work of this research facility, we are doing a fundraising event to help raise money for their cause. Come down to Hartwell Dentistry on 23rd of November 10am – 2pm to see what it is all about. There will be food, podiatrist, educational talks, kids’ activities and a guided tour of the practice!

KIDS! Meet the Tooth Fairy at our “Healthy Smiles – For Kids” workshop and grab a goodie bag!

Details of the Charity event:

Date: 23rd November

Place: Hartwell Dentistry (1243 Toorak Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124)

Time: 10am – 2pm

For questions or details about this event, please call (03) 9889 3245

About Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute

Australia’s two major health problems are diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Surprisingly Baker IDI is the only medical research facility to focus on this two health issues.

Their mission is decrease death, disability and suffering people experience from these destructive diseases through medical research. From the laboratory to wide –scale community studies, they are always working on new approaches to prevention, treatment and care.

These two diseases are so prevalent, there’s a good chance someone you know or love will be affected by one or both of them. That means immense physical and emotional suffering- including kidney disease, blindness, amputations and premature death.

“We are currently witnessing a dramatic increase in cardiovascular disease and diabetes. We are facing a future where today’s generation will die younger than their parents. Medical research is the only key to stemming this epidemic.”

Baker IDI Director, Professor Garry Jennings AO

 We welcome everyone to come and enjoy the fun…. See you there!!