The Wand:

At Hartwell Dentistry we pride ourselves on being able to provide the most current and advanced options for all your dental treatments.

Today’s Dentist Camberwell blog is about a more comfortable way to receive a dental injection.

Have you ever wondered what causes you pain when you get your injections?

Is it the actual needle or the flow of injection?

Many patients believe it is the needle being inserted that causes the pain, but actually it is the flow at which the anaesthetic is placed that causes most of the pain.


What is it?

The wand is a computer controlled dental injection

At the heart of this device is an on-board microprocessor, which guides the anaesthetic flow rate. The microprocessor inside The Wand automatically compensates for different tissue densities and the anaesthetic itself is delivered at a constant pressure and volume so that the injection itself is hardly felt.

The dose and rate of flow can be easily controlled to suit the specific needs of the procedure.

This means a higher level of comfort is experienced.

The delivery components of the Wand are sterile, individually packaged and disposable. This provides a safe and also sterile environment for you, the patient and also your dental team with your procedure.


  • The cost. For the dentist to use the wand, it is more expensive than if they were to use the traditional syringe. As the syringe for this machine is disposable, there is a larger amount of hazardous waste, which also comes at a cost to remove.
  • By using the Wand, the delivery time by this machine is slower than the standard injection


  •  Higher patient comfort rate compared to conventional techniques
  • Numbing sensation occurs at a quicker rate
  • Great for patients with needle phobia and on younger patients
  • Small, pen like, does not look as threatening as the traditional syringe.

By using the Wand, you can be guaranteed a more painless and effective way  to be anaesthetised.

Once you have experienced this anaesthetic, you will not go back to the old way again.

This technology has just added to the way Hartwell Dentistry think about the way we care for each and every patient.