Nowadays there are more dentists than ever. Looking for the right dentist can be a lengthy process! This month at Hartwell Dentistry, we will be advising on good questions to ask and what to look out for when you are looking for a new dentist.


Asking for a referral from a friend or someone you trust can be a good starting point when sieving through the large number of potential dentists. Further to that, there are several other points listed below that can help you finally pick the right dentist.


Office hours, location and accessibility:

It is important that the dentist is located in an area which is easily accessible by you. Practices that only run during business hours can inconvenience you if you have to take time off work. Some dental treatments require more than one appointment, so make sure you find a dental practice which is located conveniently for you.


Hartwell Dentistry offers hours that are outside of regular business hours to help you schedule your appointments to your convenience. Located along Toorak Road, Hartwell Dentistry is close to a number of train stations and facilities. It is a short drive from Camberwell Junction. We also have parking spots at the front of the practice, and a ramp if you need wheelchair access.


Continued Education:

Dentistry never stands still, new and advanced technologies are constantly being discovered tested and confirmed. Your dentist should be up to date with all of these advancements and have an understanding of them in order to offer all treatment options to their patients. New technology aids the dentist in both diagnosing and treating patients and insures that their patients are receiving the best possible care.


With the new technologies and innovative advances in science today, Hartwell Dentistry keeps up-to-date to provide you with progressive care. The Cerec machine has been a revolutionary addition to Hartwell Dentistry which allows us to provide crowns in one appointment at your convenience.


The way of dental implants is a direction which dentistry is becoming quick to take on as a replacement option for missing teeth. The Implant Department at Hartwell Dentistry was started up by Dr Dana Horng in July 2012 which allows you to have dental implants placed at Hartwell Dentistry.


Both Dr Fleming and Dr Horng travel annually to America where they attend a KOIS seminar for 2 weeks. In addition, they spend numerous hours at seminars to keep up to date with the latest advances in dentistry so that you can have the best care.

Next week at Hartwell Dentistry we will give you more tips on how to find a dentist.