Did you know that March is mouthguard awareness month?

During this month Hartwell Dentistry will be going through when and why a mouthguard should be worn and the difference between custom fit mouthguards and counter fit mouthguards


One of the most common causes of dental injuries occurs from deliberate or accidental impact to the face while participating in sporting activities.

Injuries to the face and jaw, such as damaged or knocked out teeth, cut lips or even a broken jaw arise while playing sport.

However these injuries can be minimised or even prevented by wearing a custom fitting mouthguard.

Custom fitting mouthguards help to absorb and spread the impact of a blow to your face. Studies have shown that compared with wearing no mouthguard, using a mouthguard reduced the number of fractured teeth and head/jaw injuries.


Your mouthguard should be worn while playing or training in any sporting activities, especially where there is significant risk of mouth injuries.

These sports may include but are no limited too, football, hockey, basketball, soccer, martial arts and rugby.

Just like you are required to wear the correct shoes, clothing and equipment, such as helmets and shin guards, custom fitted mouthguards are designed to help prevent injury.

In some sporting codes and schools it is often part of the rules and compulsory for a mouthguard to be worn went participating.

Stay tuned for Dentist Camberwell’s continued blog, what is the difference between custom fitted mouthguards and counter fitted mouthguards.