This week at Hartwell Dentistry we will be busting some common misconceptions regarding mouthwashes and how effective they are as a part of our oral hygiene routine.

There are a variety of mouthwashes available from chemists, supermarkets and dental practices.

But what do they all do?

Do you need to use them?

Which one is the right one for you?

Whether you need to use a rinse or not depends on your current oral health. Many TV advertisements claim that using mouthwash does the bulk work of cleaning the teeth. These statements are unfounded and based on poor science.


Using an analogy: 

If you were to throw a bucket of water over your car, would your car be clean?

You need to use a sponge to physically clean the grime off the car. Similar to your mouth, the plaque needs to be mechanically removed from the teeth. Plaque, a sticky bacterial substance, needs to be brushed and flossed off.

All mouthwashes contain different ingredients to help for different situations. To know which mouthwash is suitable for you, consult an oral health professional.

Please join us next week as we continue to discuss different types of mouth wash and what they are recommended for.