At Hartwell Dentistry, we strive to give our patients the best treatment possible. Our hygiene department is set up to do just this.


Here at Hartwell Dentistry our philosophy for the Hygiene department is:

–          To provide consistent quality care and service to each patient in our practice

–          To provide quality hygiene treatment to help ensure that our patients retain their teeth in a disease free, comfortable and functioning state for the rest of their lives

–          To provide continual and consistent quality education, this will allow the patient of out practice to achieve consistent gingival health and stability

–          To achieve total oral cavity health resulting in improved general health and well being for our patients

–          To provide for our patients quality up to date educational and informative dental information

–          To excel in our level of communication with each patient of our dental practice


To continually educate every patient on the benefits of hygiene, ensuring you also take what you have learn at our practice home with you to continue the same quality care.

Hygiene plays a large part in the process of retaining a disease free, comfortable and functioning mouth.


The hygiene coordinator is the point of contact for any patient who may have any questions about the hygiene department.

I am here to provide constant quality care and service for each and every hygiene patient.

We encourage our patients to schedule and commit to a future preventative care appointment to ensure a time and date that suits best.



I completed school in 2006 atAquinasCollegein Ringwood. I then took some time off to evaluate my career options and what would be best for me. Realising dental nursing would be something I would love to learn about, I applied for a position at Hartwell Dental Excellence.

I started at HD in April 2009 and also completed my Dental Assisting certificate in 2010. I really enjoy all aspects of the industry, especially my role in looking after the hygiene department. This is a new role for me and to our practice. This department has been running for just over a year now at HD. Actually, it is very rare for a dental surgery to have someone solely dedicated to and oversee the hygiene program. Prevention and maintenance are two of my favourite words in dentistry, this is why I am passionate about my position. Educating and encouraging our patients to understand the importance of regular visits is so rewarding for me, especially, when I see them return time after time for their preventative care appointment.

In my spare time I like to walk my dog, cook, go out with my friends but most of all I enjoy going to the footy with my mum to watch the Bombers.

Tune in next week when we introduce the rest of our hygiene department.