Welcome to Hartwell Dentistry. This month we will be introducing our Hygiene Coodinator, Amy Doyle.

At Hartwell Dentistry, our hygiene department is focused on prevention.

As Hygiene coordinator, I am here to assist our hygienists through each and every preventative appointment you have so they can focus on your personal comfort needs and be able to do there work at the highest standard.

I also look after other aspects of your visit whether it be, scheduling an appointment for treatment you may require with either Dr Fleming or Dr Horng, or your next preventative care appointment with one of our 2 hygienists.

It is actually almost unheard of to have a coordinator of a hygiene department around our area in Camberwell, which is why I am passionate about my position, striving to make each visit for you here with us as comfortable and rewarding as possible.

If you ever have any queries or questions regarding your upcoming appointment or even any of the many products we sell here at Hartwell Dentistry, I am the person to contact.

Please join us next time. We will be introducing out Oral Hygiene Therapist.