Night time teeth grinding is a sleep disorder also known as “sleep bruxism” that effects up to 8% of adults.
It occurs much more frequently in children, but most will outgrow it by age twelve. Adults who grind their teeth at night may awake with headaches, sore jaw joints, sore jaw muscles or chipped and worn teeth. Occasionally there are no symptoms but the noise of your teeth grinding disrupts your sleep as well as the sleep of family members.

What caused night time teeth grinding?

The cause of night time tooth grinding is not well understood. We know that some people are more susceptible to it than others. We also know that those people who grind their teeth may not do so every night.

Who is at high risk for night time teeth grinding?

What can I do to minimize my risk of future night time teeth grinding?

These questions are answered in the attached Information Sheet “Night Time Tooth Grinding”

Teeth Grinding info sheet at Hartwell Dentist Camberwell