In today’s blog, we will talk a little about the guidelines, in house audits and where to find the official standards of Infection Control.

Here at Hartwell Dentistry, we follow strict guidelines in Instrument reprocessing and sterilization.

All instruments are put through a four stage process of

1)      Cleaning- using an ultrasonic cleaning unit- to clean contaminated instruments.

2)      Processing and Packaging- proper packaging of instruments and processing to ensure sterilization.

3)      Sterilization- Using an Autoclave (Sterilization machine) – using steam sterilization is the most widely used form of sterilization for all instruments.

4)      Storage- proper storage of all items to ensure and maintain sterilization till use.

In House Audits

We believe that regular in house audits help us, as a team, to guarantee that we are all following the high standard  we have set ourselves. This ensures that you, as a patient, and we can be comfortable in the fact that we are providing the very best care for all our patients.

Offical websites for infection control.

If you would like to find out what the offical standard is for infection control within a dental practice, please visit the Australian Dental Association website:

At Hartwell Dentistry we follow a high standard of Infection Control policies and procedures to ensure the best  possible environment for all our patients to receive treatment in and for our staff to work in— to ensure you are provided with the highest quality of dental care.