Pregnancy is an important period of time for both the mother’s and baby’s health. You’ll want to think about taking good care of yourself and getting your baby’s life off to a healthy start!

For a long time we’ve known that risk factors such as smoking, alcohol and drug use contribute to mothers having babies that are born prematurely and under a healthy weight level. Now evidence is mounting that suggests an additional risk factor—periodontal disease (gum disease, gum infection)

Can periodontal disease increase my risk of having a premature baby?

Research has linked gum disease in women to an increased risk of premature delivery. In a recent study of more than 100 women who were either pregnant or had recently given birth, the women with periodontal disease were seven times more likely to deliver a premature, low birth weight baby than those with healthy gums. (By comparison, combined alcohol use and smoking during pregnancy increase the probability by 2.5 times.)

What can you do to prevent gum disease? Is diet important?

These questions are answered in the attached Information Sheet “Pregnancy: How preventing gum  disease is good for you and your baby!”  Simply click the link below to read.

Pregnancy: preventing gum disease