This month we will be sharing with you the reason why we changed our Practice name recently as well as to encourage you to visit our new website,

As from February 2013, we changed our name from Hartwell Dental Excellence to Hartwell Dentistry. The reasons are, Hartwell Dentistry is more eye catching and easier to remember. Let’s face it, it just looks good!

Our tag line is ‘Dedicated to Progressive Care’. This is important to our whole team. Dr Matthew Fleming and Dr Dana Horng continue to expand their vast clinical knowledge every year at the Kois Institute in Seattle, USA. This year they will graduate from the program, being the first in Australia to do so. They also attend many after hours meetings put on by the societies they belong to. Matthew is a committee member of the Australian Endodontic Society. Dana goes to Sydney once a month to the Brener Implant Institute to continue with her implant studies. With the constant updating of knowledge, we have the latest and greatest materials and equipment. Visit our website to read  more details on this.

As well as keeping up with our clinical skills, we also focus strongly on patient care and comfort. We work hard at making sure all team members are aware of what is going on within the practice. We achieve this by taking time out of our week to have team meetings. Several meetings are focussed on specific patient treatment plans. Other meetings are used to discuss improving the care and service we give our patients. We are encouraged to work on self-growth; not only does this help us in our professional life, it also helps in our personal life.

Our website is focused on the technology we bring to our patients. It also provides information to help educate our patients so that they have a good understanding of dental treatment and oral hygiene techniques. The website is designed with ease of navigation to highlight information about the services we provide. It also contains articles about dental health thus helping our patients make informed decisions about their dental treatment.

Preventative dentistry (and helping patients keep their teeth) is very important to us. That’s why we have a webpage solely dedicated to our Hygiene Department.  Here, you can find health articles about gum health and oral hygiene. You can also meet the Hygiene team, our Hygiene Coordinator Amy Doyle and our Dental Therapists/Hygienists, Quyen Tran and Matthew Habib.

Come and meet our team on our website. We can further connect via Facebook, Twitter and our Blog, ‘ ’, with a new blog every two weeks, focusing on current topics surrounding the dental world.