Our name has changed. However, we are still who we are so we would like to introduce the people behind the name.

This week we will share stories from our Practice Coordinator – Marie.Marie Carr – Practice Coordinator

 Hartwell Dentistry, Dedicated to Progressive Care.

Because your health is important, we are serious about our dedication in offering you progressive care.

As a practice coordinator, it is my role to ensure that our whole team is performing at it’s best. I am here to help Hartwell Dentistry team achieve and strive for more. Since we believe providing the highest level of service to you is important, we take time out of our working week to have team training and development meetings. I have the all important responsibility of preparing and facilitate these meetings and training. I also meet every team member periodically to assess where they are at and to guide them along their growth within Hartwell Dentistry.

Looking after the day to day running of the practice is also my role. This allows Dr Fleming and Dr Horng to focus on their passion, dentistry and you, our patients.

We start everyday with a morning meeting, talking about the day’s patients. This ensures that we are all in tune with everyone’s needs. The aim is to have a smooth day as it will ultimately make our patients time with us more pleasurable.

Every year, each member is given the opportunity to expand in their role through Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These KPI are based on what team members want to excel in. It could range from clinical dentistry to learning about marketing. I am here to guide and coach the individual team members to achieve the goals they set out for themselves.

Although I am passionate about my role as Practice Coordinator, I do love finishing my day with a great meal at one of Melbourne’s many restaurants. I love good food and wine and love cooking to feed and entertain my friends and family.

Please join us again when we introduce our Patient Coordinator – Skye.