Welcome back to our blog at Hartwell Dentistry, where today we will be exploring all of the steps involved in receiving an implant. From the initial appointment, to the very end.


Once we know an implant is something you want to invest your time and money in, we then start working out whether or not you are a candidate (to find out what makes you a candidate please see previously blog). If you are a candidate, we send you off for a CT scan which will give us an accurate indication of your bone levels and dimensions, this shows us the exact measurements which we use when placing the implant.


We see you again for a collaboration appointment, here we go through the CT scan findings with you, further information you may need to know and answer any questions you might have. We then book you in for a 90 minute implant placement appointment

Following that, we will see you in 2 weeks time to review the area and remove any sutures. The implant site requires 3 months to properly recover before we revisit the site and once it has recovered we then place an abutment to help with the gum growth

After 3 months is up, we see you for a 60-90 minute appointment to assess the integration of the implant and take an impression in preparation for the final crown on top

The impressions we take here and then sent to the Lab and after 3 weeks we are able to see you again for the placement of the final crown


While an implant is as strong as your natural tooth, it does not have a nerve so you will not feel any discomfort if something is wrong, this is why it is so important to keep the implant really clean and continue to see us regularly for maintenance appointments so we can review this.

We advise that you clean the area thoroughly each day and continue normal brushing and flossing habbits.

Thank you for following our blog, stay posted for another blog from Hartwell Dentistry