We are pleased to announce that Hartwell Dentistry will be participating in the Australian government i Child Dental benefit scheme for certain eligible children ranging from ages 2-17yrs.

Eligible families would have received a letter from the government throughout January. Each child is eligible to claim up to $1000 over 2 years.

Here at Hartwell Dentistry our husband and wife team, Dr Fleming and Dr Horng are able to offer your children the highest level of care.

Dr Dana Horng has completed further study in Children’s dentistry. We are also fortunate to have two extremely qualified and professional Oral Health Therapist, Matt and Quyen.  Combined we are able to spend extensive time with your child to not only give them an exceptional level care but also educate them in good oral health care and prevention for the future.

Please contact us for further details. (03) 9889 3245