When I started on my implant journey 3 years ago, I was very deliberate with my choice of where and who I learnt from.

I chose Brener Implant Institute, as it is one of Australia’s leading implant training centres. Dan Brener, the founder of the Institute since 2003, is a registered Prosthodontist with a distinguished background.

The Brener Institute training course focused on the most successful, evidence based and the state of the art dental implant techniques. We are most fortunate to have such a great clinician in Australia. I am in turn, very fortunate to be a graduate of this faculty and to be trained under such talent.

Why did I decide to do further study into implants?

With our aging society, we are more aware of how good nutrition can be related to function of our teeth. Many of us seek a good quality of life. Who would not enjoy eating and dinning?

There is currently a real need within today’s society to replace teeth using other treatment options other than dentures. I became aware that many of our patients want this type of treatment done in the comfort of our practice.

I spent a period of time with a surgical registrar as an undergraduate at The London Hospital. I also spent 7 years in Hamilton doing a host of surgical procedures. So I felt it was natural for me to develop my clinical skills to include surgical implantology.

Why did I choose Brener Institute?

Dan Brener was trained by Dr Carl Misch, who is an American prosthodontist and is recognized internationally for his clinical and academic contributions to the field of implant dentistry.

Dr Misch is sometimes called the father of Implantology. His methodology and his clinical skills are renowned. Associated Professor Brener, founder of Brener institute was the natural choice since he is Australian based.

Dr Brener is also a distinguished Prosthodontist himself; he holds the position of clinical Associate Professor in the faculty of Dentistry at The University of Sydney. The Brener Institute also offers not only a prosthetic component but a surgical component also. There were hands on elements to the course where we were guided through all surgeries including sinus lift and grafting.


What are the benefits for our patients?

There are many benefits in offering implants to our patients here at Hartwell Dentistry.

The procedure is done in comfortable surroundings, which is familiar and close.  Most of time, patients can attend appointments with family and friends.

We have a holistic approach to dental care here at Hartwell Dentistry, so there is no need to see different dentist for different treatment. This can save money and save time.

I am so excited to be able to offer this treatment to our patients. If you have any questions regarding dental implants we would love to help you and we look forward to hearing from you!