How can Carifree mouthwash help?

The CariFree system has been researched and tested. Clinical studies have proven that it is designed to treat the cavity causing plaque biofilm. (Biofilm is a community of bacteria attached to a surface).

There are three main components found in CariFree mouthwashes: Xylitol, Fluoride and patent pending Ph + technology.


This is a natural sweetner and is found in fruits, vegetables, chewing gums and toothpaste, to name a few.

It has been proven to greatly reduce the strength and acidity of biofilm. This occurs when biofilm comes into contact with Xylitol, not sugar in the mouth.

Oral bacteria cannot breakdown xylitol, therefore the cavity causing bacteria cannot produce the acids that breakdown teeth, causing erosion and decays.

In addition to aiding in the prevention of cavities, xylitol can also;

*Help to reduce the development of cavities.

*Reduce plaque formation

*Increase saliva flow to aid in the repair of damaged enamel.

*Compliments fluoride in oral hygiene products.


Fluoride is beneficial in the reminalization of weakened tooth structure.

Fluoride is needed to strengthen teeth that have had acid attacks, which in the majority of people, occurs daily.

Changing PH:

The patent pending pH of CariFree rinse is alkaline. This means rinsing your mouth with this solution will lower Ph of your saliva, to help reduce the decay rate.


Here a Hartwell Dentitsry our team of dentist and hygienist recommend the use of both the treatment and maintenance rinse for those patients with a high risk a decays.


Treatment Rinse is designed to treat cavity – causing plaque biofilm, reduce the over population of cavity causing bacteria and neutralise decay causing acids.

Treatment rinse is good for:

*Any patient who has cavities or has had cavities in the last three years.

*Patients who have been determined to be a high risk for decay, even if no cavities currently exist.

*For patient experiencing bad breath

*Improving the health of teeth and gums


Maintenance is designed to promote healthy bacterial growth and limit the growth of decaying cavities.

Maintenance is good for;

*Patients wanting to prevent cavities

*Those who enjoy rinsing after brushing as part of their routine

*Adults and children ages 6 and up

*Patients who don’t have the ability to brush and floss perfectly.

If you have any enquires about this product, Hartwell Dentistry are always here to help.