In this months’ blog, Hartwell Dentistry will be talking about caries and a wonderful rinsing system which is designed to help prevent caries.

What is Caries?

Caries is the professional term used for a bacterial infection that causes cavities in our teeth.

Caries infection occurs when the oral environment allows the infectious bacteria to take hold.

Caries Treatment

Treating caries infection involves eliminating the current infected population of bacteria from the biofilm as well as altering the environment to ensure that they do not return.

This process is two fold, using broad range antimicrobial agents to treat the infection but also using alkaline or basic products to leverage the ph.

This ensures the elimination of bacteria and promotes healthy bacteria growth.

What is CariFree?

CariFree is a system that assess a patients risk factors for decay along with technology for diagnosing the caries infection.

CariFree provide products for both adults and children that treat and prevent the infection therefore lowering the risk of decays.

There are many anti-cavity and decay preventing mouth washes out in the market these days: but do they work? To prevent caries we need to have a basic understanding of the PROCESS:

Decay process needs time, bacteria and an acidic environment.

In our next blog we will be explaining how a wonderful system, Carifree, works and what is involved in the process.