Today, Dentist Camberwell will be looking at what causes root canal damage, what are the symptoms and what root canal treatment actually means.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment, also referred to as Endodontic Treatment, is a dental procedure that replaces a tooth’s damaged, infected or inflamed pulp with filling.

Pulp is dental cells, blood vessels and tissues fibres located in the hollow space in the central part of the tooth (the nerve).

What are the symptoms of Root Canal?

The nerve may be inflamed or infected and the symptoms of a damaged or diease tooth are as follows:

* Unproved pain

* Sensitivity to hot and cold drinks or food

* Pain when chewing or biting

* Swelling of the gum around or near the affected tooth.

There are some cases where a tooth’s nerve may become damaged or infected without showing any symptoms. In cases such as these, the diagnosis usually occurs by radiographs os special tests during a check up at Hartwell Dentistry.

What causes root canal damage?

There are multiple events that may cause damage of the tooth’s nerve.

Examples of this is if the tooth has deep, untreated decays, decays under fillings or cracks within the tooth. The tooth may have experienced trauma causing damage to the tooth. Teeth that have large fillings or crowns in the past may develop nerve symptoms requiring treatment as well.

Sometimes if you have advanced gum disease or you regularly grind your teeth, this may cause the nerve of a tooth to become damaged or diseased.

Keep posted to Dental Camberwell’s next blog where we will go through what is involved in root canal treatment and the advantages and disadvantages.