Wake up and it’s done!

How good would this be, to wake up and have all your dental work completed?

Let’s face it, not many people consider a visit to the dentist as something to look forward to. Most of us know the importance of having regular check-ups and understand that prevention is far easier than cure. However, there are many people who have such a fear of dentists that they would almost prefer to live with the pain instead of getting proper dental care.

Whatever the situation, be it strong gagging reflexes, wanting to relax more during treatment or just too busy and wanting to spend limited time on dental treatment, sedation could be the perfect solution for you.

Sedation or twilight dentistry is a very relaxed way to address your dental needs. Sedation involves having a qualified dental sedation specialist induce you to a state of deep relaxation, whereby you are still awake and able to hear commands, you will not be concerned with what is going on around you. The great thing about dental sedation is that it is safe, less involved compared to having a general anesthetic and you really do feel like you were just “asleep” during the whole procedure.

Dr Barry Creighton

Dr Barry Creighton from Dental Sedation Victoria has been working with Hartwell Dentistry since 2012.

Double qualified, Barry holds a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, which he gained at Sydney University. He also completed a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry – Conscious Sedation, which required 2 years of post graduate studies. He is also a member of the Australian Society of Dental Anaesthesiology and is an active paramedic.

Recently, Dr Creighton received the ADAVB Dentistry Achievement Award for 2014, for recognition of his special services to Dentistry.

He provides our patients with a gentle and safe sedation for their dental treatment. This in turn, allows us to provide the best dental treatment you deserve.

If you are reading this thinking you could benefit from sedation or twilight dentistry then please don’t hesitate to contact our patient coordinator Skye who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We understand that dentistry can be quite a nerve wracking experience but here at Hartwell Dentistry together with Dr Barry Creighton we aim to get you as comfortable as we can and create a relaxing journey for you as we get on top of your dental needs.

Alternatively you can visit Dr Barry’s web page at www.dentalsedation.net.au